About us

The Fairy Wren Food Hub aims to bring healthy and sustainable food to the people of Wollondilly and surrounding areas. Our focus is providing food that is:

  • local
  • organic; and/or
  • fair trade

Many of our products are bought in bulk and divided up during our distribution days, as this reduces both our prices and packaging waste. Members of the Food Hub bring their own containers to fill with the amount of food they have ordered.

Orders for the Food Hub are currently made by visiting this website. Here, you can see the large variety of healthy and tasty foods that we offer. Some of the things we have available are dry goods such as oats, nuts and dried fruit; local honey, local dairy products, local olives, olive oils, herbs and coconut products.

We are currently working towards opening a shop front in the Wollondilly region as the next step in making our products more accessible to all, and further engaging with our community.

Powered by volunteers

We are a not-for-profit buying group that is entirely run and operated by volunteers. Volunteers who have provided at least 3 hours of labour at distribution and sales days receive a 10% discount on all products. Committee members, the backbone of the group, receive a 15% discount. To enquire about volunteering, please email us at info@wren.org.au.

Placing an order

Orders are taken via our online shop. For further information on how to place an order, please click here. Orders are usually distributed on the last Saturday of every second month. For information on order distributions, please click here.

Our beginnings

The Fairy Wren Food Co-op began as an outrageous idea in March 2012, in Picton, NSW. Several members of the Wollondilly Resilience Network (WReN) (a community group involved with strengthening community ties, sustainable living and swapping skills) were keen to improve the food security of the local community and to support local producers. We decided to run a pilot program for 3 months buying in organic wholefoods and distributing them to a small group of people. By the end of 2012, we moved to an online shop.

Along the way, we have received a great deal of support and encouragement from Wollondilly Council and have been able to use the community facilities at the Wollondilly Community Nursery free of charge.

During 2015, we hope to become a formal community organisation. This will enable us to apply for grants and consider widening our member base. 

Further Information

For further information, or to be added to our contact list, please email us at info@wren.org.au.